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Wednesday, 25 February 2009 14:41

GE Orange 3

Two Golden Eagle chicks were fitted with Satellite tags prior to release in 2005. Orange 3 remained within the Derryveagh Mountains for most of the winter. It occasionally wandered over to Meenirroy and Cark Mountain to the east in late 2005. During early 2006 it was found predominantly on the western edge of Glenveagh and to the west of Slieve Snacht, where it was located for most of February. It appeared to be quite sedentary and it apparently was roosting in the same area for several weeks. For a few weeks it stayed around Crolly, Donegal around March 25-Apr 10 before moving on again. The transmitter has now stopped sending out signals.

(info from the GE newsletter 2006, with corrections from April 2009)

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