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Information for Schools

We currently have a selection of brochures for primary school's available by contacting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . They are divided into 4 seperate editions starting at information for infants and move up through 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th and finishing with 5th & 6th classes.

However you can also download these brochures yourself right here.

Document format
All the documents are in PDF format. If you don't have software on your computer that will allow you to view these files, you can download the free adobe PDF reader from the link provided below.

Compressed .zip files
For the purposes of downloading, a compressed (.zip) version of each of the documents is also available. It is hoped by compressing the file it will reduce the download time a little, handy if you are on a dialup connection. If you opt to download however be aware that after the file is download it will be necessary to "de-compress" the .zip file back into its normal state as a pdf file. To do this open the .zip file with the winzip software program and select "extract". You can get the winzip software program from the links below at the bottom of the page.

How long will it take to download ?
Roughly speaking most dialup connections claim to download about 48kb a minute in theory however in practise most speeds average out about half of this, sometimes longer as anyone who is cursed with a dialup connection knows full well. Having said that, it shouldnt take any longer than about 10mins to download any of the brochures provided below.

Golden Eagle format: PDF, language: Gaelige
Naíonán 634kb
Rang a haon agus a dó 728kb
Rang a trí­ agus a ceathair 921kb
Rang a cúig agus a sé 682kb

Golden Eagle format: PDF, language: English
Infants 1040kb
1st and 2nd class 865kb
3rd and 4th class 1400kb
5th and 6th class 1230kb

Red Kite format: PDF, language: English
1st and 2nd class 1250kb
3rd and 4th class 1330kb
5th and 6th class 1950kb

White Tailed Eagle format: PDF, language: English
1st and 2nd class 383kb
3rd and 4th class 445kb
5th and 6th class 991kb

Software/ Utilities/ Tools
Download Adobe PDF Reader
Download Winzip file compression utility