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GE Spéir

Golden Eagle Chick Glenveagh Golden Eagle Chick Glenveagh (c) Lorcan O'Toole

Spéir is a Male Golden Eagle chick reared in County Donegal in 2010. Spéir was the younger of two male chicks in the nest. There were only three Irish Golden Eagle Chicks reared in 2010.

It was reared by an adult female that only four years of age and was collected from the Mountains east of Loch Ness in 2007. the adult male was five years of age. In 2006 it was collected from the uists, in the Western Isles.

This pair had formed at a very young age, in the summer of 2007, when the female was only just over a year old and the male was only just past its second birthday (Just into its third year). They have been in the same area consistently since then.

In order to protect the nest site over the coming years, we can not disclose its location within the county. I remember the first time I saw spéir. I was using a rope to abseil half way down a cliff into the eyrie, hoping to see a single healthy chick. When I saw two chicks in the nest, I found it difficult to control my abseil ? I was so excited and elated to see two well feathered eagle chicks in an Irish nest. Unlike the Glenveagh eyrie, there was no active management support for this pair.

Spéir and its sibling were fed rabbits, Fulmars, Hares and a Grouse and for a first time breeding attempt to rear two chicks is very encouraging from the project?s point of view. The nearby farmers are very supportive of their local eagles and deserve enormous credit.
Spéir left the nest in mid July and spent its first few weeks near the eyrie. Its older sibling began to wander away from the nest more quickly. But now Spéir has begun its own new roving adventure!

"Spéir" is the Gaelic word for "Sky" and we hope our Skies can once again carry soaring Irish Eagles !