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Frequent Questions

Welcome to the GET site help and support area! This section is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible using the site.

Is the GET a charity?
Yes the GET is a full charity. The Irish Government awarded full charity status to the Golden Eagle Trust Limited, Charity No CHY 14770. In addition, the GET has full Statutory Audits and is in compliance with the Companies Acts 1963-2005, all supervised by one of Irelands largest and leading Accountancy firms KPMG.

How can I help the GET ?
The GET is in need of sponsorship. If you know of a company or an individual in your locality which may be able to help in our goals then please refer them to this site or directly to us so we can make contact. More information here. Thanks!

Can I join GET as a site user?
No. At this time the GET site is currently does not host or administrate any forums. However we are happy to answer any queries if you want to get in contact.

I have a specific question about an aspect of the Golden Eagle/ White-Tailed Sea Eagle/ Red Kite project. Where can I get an answer to my question?
Please refer to the contact page which lists the contact details for the people who head up the various GET projects by clicking here.

How can I report a technical problem with the site?
If you have encountered a problem on the site, please contact the site admin directly so he can work on it right away. Click This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to send a mail to the siteadmin.