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Monday, 25 May 2009 08:39

Nest update, bad news I'm afraid

I probably should have posted this a little earlier as I'm sure people have been waiting to hear about the nest and how it's doing. Unfortunately it's not. We believed hatching would take place in early May, but at some point at this stage the female deserted the nest. We can't know why she would do this but I suspect the male was involved with another female and polygmy and kites doesn't usually have a happy ending. Presumably if the male had another female both would be getting less care from him than needed to successfully breed.

A day or two before our first nest failed we discovered a second nest, also in an oak tree. This nest had two eggs in it, but again was deserted within a couple of weeks of discovery. Very disappointing to say the least. However we should keep in mind that these birds are still only young and not much in breeding terms should be expected from them. The weather has also been terrible and is taking its toll on many bird of prey nests that I have visited, so presumably didn'd help the kites cause either. Anyway now that they have had a little practice hopefully next year will go better.

On the plus side we'll be going to Wales shortly and hope to import another 26 kites for Wicklow. If we reach our quota that will bring the number released in Wicklow up to 82! Lets hope the Welsh Kites are doing better than our own.


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