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About the GET

The Golden Eagle Trust Limited
Following many years of pre-project planning, the Golden Eagle project started in earnest in 1999, when the Irish Raptor Study Group and the Curlew Trust Limited agreed that they would combine their resources and energies in a new joint venture and would work with Dúchas (now the National Parks and Wildlife Service) and the Scottish authorities with a view to implementing the Irish Golden Eagle Reintroduction project proposal. The vehicle used by the Irish Raptor Study Group/Curlew Trust Limited to implement the project was the Golden Eagle Trust Limited, which is a fully registered Irish charity.

The Golden Eagle Trust Limited also established a partnership with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, to implement the White-tailed Eagle Reintroduction project and the Red Kite Reintroduction project. Each of the three projects employs a full time project manager. KPMG, as the independent statutory auditors, carry out a full statutory audit of each projects expenditure and a full audited report is filed with all the appropriate authorities.

This structure has allowed for administrative efficiency, an excellent working relationship between the partners in these programmes, with proper and transparent accountability, as well as satisfying all the statutory requirements of a full Statutory Audit and compliance with the Companies Acts 1963-2005, all supervised by one of Irelands largest and leading Accountancy firms, KPMG. Annual Returns on behalf of the partnership vehicle, the Golden Eagle Trust Limited, and all necessary tax and other returns with respect to same, are filed each year independently of the audit of the annual accounts. The Irish Government has also granted full Charity Status to the Golden Eagle Trust Limited, Charity No CHY 14770.